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With its artificial lake on a surface area of 1000 square meters, one Fairway Bunker, one Deep Bunker, one Scotch Bunker, with Greens at four different distances with unique Driving Range of 250 decares, surrounded by the song of birds on centenarian trees, it has opened the doors of a totally different world that provides the chance to play and learn golf.
Within "Kartepe Golf Academy", 20 people are able to receive training simultaneously on the Driving Range of 22.000 square meters with a length of 205 meters with 15 of them on the golf-mat, 5 on grass.
It is possible to prepare to the golf course by taking lessons and training on a practice putting and chipping green of 240 square meters, in practice bunkers.
Starting to learn golf is possible for those who want to start playing golf or who want to develop it, in the academy where various golf lesson programs are given in the company of experienced trainers, stating to practiced golf, or correct deficiencies is possible with single or multiple lesson packages.

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