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Led by Sisli Vadi (Foggy Valley), in the Acısu Oak Forest and in the paintball fields of Maşukiye within the activities of Kartepe Ski House, it is possible to take part in paintball.
Paintball venue
The Paintball venue is an open air  strategy field of 5 decares, its area is formed by woodland and picnic areas, the field accommodates in one session a minimum number of 8 and maximum number of 14 players, the competition is under the supervision of professional licensed paintball referees. Additionally, as the paintball field is a picnic area, it is possible to enjoy a picnic after the game. All fields are within the nature and picnic areas are suitable for walking and mountain biking.
Duration of the game
Games are played in sets of 10 minutes, the aim is to eliminate the opponent team by tagging them all or capture their flag and conquer their castle.  For the winner team, a normal set is 1 point and a set with flag 2 points. As the players get accustomed to equipments and the field, the duration of the set falls to 3 minutes and the player who is shot does not remain out of the game for a long time. In the second set, the game starts again with the full team participating. The total game lasts in average 1,5 hours. Teams playing quickly and strategically are able to make 7-8 sets.

Our Equipments
In our Paintball field the following equipments are given t each player;
• Protected camouflage garment,  v force face protection mask, s.w.a.t. vest with protection,
• Protected  s.w.a.t. Gloves, 2010 model tippmann act platinium semi-automatic  markers
• Paintball gun, 50 Paintball ball are given with the gun. 

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