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Eşme Quince



Eşme is one of the rare districts where vegetable gardening is made among the enclosed fruit orchards. The Eşme Quince produced in Eşme and called by this name is a fruit that is sought in the country as well as abroad.  Eşme quince is medium-large, rounded with a wide belly and narrowing to the stem. Its flesh is crisp, juicy, sour, and not stuffy.  It has a high value on table. The collection period of the quince is the end of September.

Strawberry tree



It is an exotic autumnal fruit grown at 300-700 high on the slopes of Kartepe, known by the people in the district but not very much seen and known by the urban population. As it becomes ripe, its color turns from yellow to red and when it reaches the size of a large cherry it tastes like a mixture of banana and kiwi. When the seedless fruit becomes ripe it is soft and easy to eat. It is known by the people of the district that it is a source of health and has healing properties in the case of kidney diseases and diabetes.



Plum is a fruit that is grown in almost every area in the district of Kartepe. Species like Green plum, Damson plum are grown. Although fruit picking season varies according to the species but in general it is end of May, beginning of June.



Although the location where pear is intensively grown is the Maşukiye district, tasty pears are also grown in Suadiye Balaban. There is a traditional Golden Pear Festival organized in the district. The collection season of the pear varies according to the season. There are varieties that are collected from the end of July to the end of September.
Wild Strawberry 



The wild strawberry grown in the mountain villages of Kartepe is quite delicious. Its festival has won recognition as an activity that has become traditional.  On the mountain road in Maşukiye or on Sundays at the market set up at Maşukiye center, the cheese sold by villagers of the area as well as other natural products can be bought.



Apple grown rather in Maşukiye and Suadiye is collected in September and October.



There are 12 species of chestnut grown on three continents that is in Asia, Africa and America.  The native country of the fruits that are most loved, the Anatolian Chestnut (C.sativa) is in Turkey. It is possible to find plenty of chestnuts on the mountain roads of Kartepe. Fruit picking starts by the end of October.



With its endless benefits, walnut is intensively grown in the Balaban Village in Kartepe district. Walnut collecting period is in September.

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