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Botanic tourism is excellent for those who want to experience the beauties by starting with day trips in the nature, by taking walks in the nature and with picnics to become acquainted with nature, to examine the plants and to blend into the shades of green. Some of the flower varieties of the district of Kartepe, a place hosting many suitable varieties where our guests may find a sample in the nature to add to their living environments, are the following:
Certain Cultivated Flower Varieties
Geranium: Burgeons in summer, flowers start to bloom in May.
Viola Tricolor: A seasonal flower variety, finishes blooming in the months of May, June.
Tua Violet: Blooms until the month of May.
Tiplemen: Blooms in winter, remains green in summer.
Ornamental Cherry: Blooms in spring.
Magnolia:  Buds appear in January.
Magnolia with leaves: Blossoms in summer.
Orchid: It is possible to find it in every season, blossoms in summer.
Camellia: Buds appear in January. It is flower that remains in bloom for approximately 2 months.
Boxwood: It is an evergreen plant.
Cherry Laurel: It is a flower variety that is found in every season.
Daisy: Starts flowering in spring and remains in bloom until June.
Cactus: It is flower that is available at all times, it is possible to find it in every season.
Basil: It is seasonal plant, flowers blossom in summer.
Lily:  Bursts into bud in spring, flowers blossom in the month of June.
Azalea: It is a winter flower.
Carnation: It is a lasting flower variety which blooms in April, May.

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