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Ecological Healthy Living Village Ketenciler created by village women who came together and received entrepreneurship training is waiting for you, its guests.
In our Eco Village, breakfasts are prepared from completely organic village products. Those who want may collect their eggs from the egg-nest and their vegetables from the garden themselves.  

The selection of luncheons and dinners are specially tailored. If you want, you may milk the cows and if you want, you may join village women in preparing tomato paste, molasses, macaronis, sundried soup with yoghurt and tomato (tarhana), haluj, jams, to planting flowers and vegetables at the vegetable gardens, you may join them in collecting fruits. 
Our guests who wish  to perform activities such as may do trekking with a guide, go fishing at the lake, make a tour of the village with an ATV or bicycle, may do horseback riding with a trainer, may do water skiing, play golf; may do yoga in the nature if a group can be formed.
In addition to all these beauties, tea and coffee cooked on embers are served to our guests who are having a rest on hammocks and swings. Circassian dances played with a mouth organ are among our activities when requested by our guests.

Our animals that are free in the nature are feeding themselves from the natural environment and not by fattening feed.

You, as our guests, may choose the house you will stay in our village.

Tastes such as the haluj, Circassian chicken, circassian cheese are among the tastes that are waiting for you...


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Ecological Healthy Living Village Ketenciler


Ketenciler - Kartepe / KOCAELİ


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Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
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