Climbing Championship was Realized in Kartepe Back
Orjinal Resim

The 5th Leg of the 2014 Turkey Climbing Championship has been organized in 6 different categories with the participation of 26 pilots at Kartepe. Ümit Ülkü who became champion and also broke the record of the Kartepe climbing track received his cup from Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez.

Kartepe Climbing Race organized by KOSDER, the abbreviation for Kocaeli Automobile Sports Club was realized on a track of 6 kilometers with an asphalt surface. Starting under the rain and then continuing in the sun 19 pilots out of 26 were able to reach the finish.

At the end of the race where automobiles have been classified in 6 categories according to the technical features of the automobiles, Ümit Ülkü at Category 6 racing with 997 GT3 in the name of Ülkü Motosport from İzmir took the first place. With a degree of 2.59:06 Ülkü also won the best time award and thus realized a new record at the Climbing Track of Kartepe.

Kamil Karataş took the second place at Category 6. At Category 5 İbrahim Şendil from Antalya came first, İsmet Toktaş from Bursa came second and Murat Altıntaş from Ankara came third. In the Category 4, Taner Şengezener took the first place, Fatih Osman Gezmek the second and İsa Karol the third.

In the Category 3, Taner Canbolat took the first place, Cem Şir the second and Fatih Toksal the third. In the Category 2 Süheyl Polatoğlu won the first place, Egemen Çivicioğlu the second and Okan Tanrıverdi the third. At Category 1 Melih Tarhan took the first place, Ali Can Topak the second place and Engin Apaydın the third place.

The prize-giving ceremony at the end of the organization was organized at Çamçeşme Restaurant. While the cups of the pilots were given one by one, the cup of Ümit Ülkü who won the First place at Category 6 was given by the Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez.
Mayor Üzülmez said that he believed the guests had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful week-end among the natural beauties of Kartepe and thanked all those who showed interest. 

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Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
Orjinal Resim
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