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With various and numerous bird species living in the forest, meadows and on Sapanca Lake, Kartepe hosts creatures that are worth to be watched, studied and photographed.
Sapanca Lake
Province: Sakarya, Kocaeli
Administrative Districts: Kartepe, Sapanca, Adapazarı
Surface Area: 4700
Altitude: 31m
Protection: there is
Primary Characteristics: freshwater lake
Bird species: Water birds (maks.48.267), Red crested pochard (max.1002), common pochard (max. 10.400) and coot (max. 30.700) specimens.
Category: Communities (Criteria No A4i)
Criteria: The area biogeographically contains 1% of the population one or several aquatic birds that are present as flocks regularly, in certain periods.
Category: Communities (Criteria No A4iii)
Criteria : The area contains regularly 20.000 individuals of aquatic birds from one or more than one species  or 10.000  aquatic bird couples.
Category: Communities (Criteria No B1i)
Criteria : The area contains 1% of one or several aquatic bird species that are regularly  present in flocks  at certain times.




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